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Potential Sugar Daddy Cont…

Maybe the offer is too surreal for me to grasp. He even said, “We’ll have to get you a new car.”

Even though it’s clearly not a fake offer, I think I believe it’s fake. Or the idea of sex for payment makes no sense to me. My mentality is: “Why would you pay me? If I have any kind of sexual contact, I’m having it because I want to have it, not because you’re paying me, you silly person.”

Maybe that’s financially risky behavior. Maybe I need to tap into my most dominate side and earn some financial freedom. If I didn’t already blow the opportunity.

Is Tumblring from Europe a monthish from now in my future, then leaning back into my bed full of cash?


The Potential Sugar Daddy

Tonight, I had an opportunity to have a sugar daddy. Or, as he described himself: a rich guy-on-the-side. (“Haven’t you ever fantasized about that,” he kept asking.)


We met this weekend and he invited me to join him for a drink at his place tonight….


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And then Jacob tried Scruff.

And three twinks messaged, “Hey Daddy.”

#I'm only 30

My mom: You wore that for your phone interview?

A school in Lincoln, Nebraska is wiping some major egg off its face after a horrible bullying advice flyer was sent home with 5th graders.

A school in Lincoln, Nebraska is wiping some major egg off its face after a horrible bullying advice flyer was sent home with 5th graders.




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Gay kiss photographs condemned by Vatican to be shown in New York 

Spanish artist Gonzalo Orquin’s controversial series “Si, Quiero”, featuring queer couples kissing in Roman Catholic churches, is taking up residency in Manhattan’s Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art from April 30 thru June 24.

Orquin shocked the Vatican last fall with his photos, the artist forced to cover up the pieces after the Vatican threatened legal action.

But in New York, Orquin’s work is receiving a warm welcome. It will be featured in the SoHo-based museum’s window gallery and will be visible to passersby on the street.

Museum Director Hunter O’Hanian said that he had no qualms about having the work displayed.

“These were very beautiful, simple portraits of same-sex couples in a space that they held sacred and important to them,” O’Hanian told The News. “I hope visitors leave with a wonderful feeling of compassion and humanity.”

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& check out Ivan Frank’s hot new editorial “Sensual Seduction”, also photographed in church. Featured here on SDP

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A warm welcome in New York? Astonishing.

Chat at the Museum

Little Boy 1: You're going to Hell.
Little Boy 2: Shut up.
1: You're going to Hell.
2: Leave me alone. You don't know me. You don't know anything.
1: What grade are you in? Hey. Tell me. What grade are you in?
2: 3rd.
1: Well I'm in 5th grade which means I'm smarter than you. You're going to Hell.
Me (to LB1): Can you shut up and go read a Bible. You don't know if someone is going to Hell. That's something only God decides and he waits until after you're dead to decide because he's busy.
1: That's not true.
Me: Ummm, listen to me, 5th grader. I have a college degree. That means I'm smarter than you. Go back to Sunday school.
Good thing he couldn't tell that I'm an agnostic with a partial degree.